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Recognizing and maximizing potential – this principle is used to optimize floor plans and develop tailored solutions

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My ambition is to develop unique, creative interior design concepts for you that will inspire and remain relevant for many years to come.

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Working with selected partners and their products to develop bespoke customer solutions.


Creating appealing living and working environments for clients means tailoring them individually to their personalities and habits.


The first step is a personal meeting to determine their needs. On this basis, I develop customized, innovative room and furnishing concepts with a sensitive touch. This includes materials and the thoughtful integration of colors. Existing furniture, art and memorabilia can and should be integrated into the new design. I pursue this goal with style, intuition, creativity and a great deal of joy.


I am also happy to assist you on a small project!




I am passionate about design and the craftsmanship involved. On my travels I always look up and visit designers in their studios and workshops. I am inspired and enchanted by the passion with which artists bring their ideas to life.


  • Interior Design, ibW University of Applied Sciences, Chur
  • Color designer STF, Zurich
  • Communication specialist SPRI, Zurich
  • Parson School of Design, NYC – modules in interior design
  • Visiting design fairs at home and abroad
  • Travels in all directions and exotic countries
  • Stays abroad in San Francisco, New York City, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Madrid



Seefeldstrasse 9

CH-8008 Zurich


 +41 79 242 16 45




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Offices in Central Switzerland and Central Grisons.

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